Customer opinion: Ruth Piller

I am very satisfied with the bellicon and have also noticed a big difference from the conventional, cheaper trampolines. The suspension is very gentle and in no way does it strain the joints or body.

It’s fun to work with and time passes fast, contrary to other devices where you wonder when you can finally stop.

Customer opinion: Martina Kammerhofer

I bought the bellicon in the first place for my own fitness. Swinging on it is a lot of fun and my fitness has improved enormously. I’ve also lost a few kilos and my joints are more supple.

As I also run a “life school” and give lectures, I have already introduced your trampoline as I’m so enthusiastic myself. Basically I can say: every single cell is happy when you swing with joy.

Custumer opinion: Max Rankin

My Bellicon rebounder arrived today, and it is excellent. The bounce seems to be longer top to bottom (with my feet just leaving the trampoline) than I could achieve on my previous spring rebounder while bouncing way off the surface, and it's much smoother, quieter and more robust!

I just did a 15 minute session with no aches or pains, and I was warmer at the end than with the spring rebounder - it feels like the exercise on the bellicon does something different.

Customer opinion: Inge Schneider

»We both have a job that involves a lot of sitting down and we were looking for an enjoyable way to relax a little after work and to do some exercise that didn’t involve getting changed and leaving the house again.

The fun factor was why I decided to purchase a bellicon as I’m not really that keen on sport. I put on a good CD and swing almost every evening to my favorite music. In short: it’s fun, really relaxing and a good way to increase your fitness even if you are a couch potato.