The "Imagination Maintenance" package directs your imaginative processes to formulate a vision of your goals with the necessary focus and clarity. 

With the package I coach you every day for 30 consecutive days; or every other day. Whenever possible, we aim for the same time every day because the subconscious responds better to repetition.

Every time we have a thought, it creates an emotion, and every emotion has a spark of energy; that energy is what creates the neural-pathways in our system; this energy also acts as a magnet, for example, when we walk into a room; think about what happens when you see somebody for the first time, and there is a ‘spark of attraction.’

That same attractive energy – and it’s one ofthe most powerful things about being human – is one of the main ingredients for assured success, in our careers, finances, health, sport.... It is the firing up of your personal engine that will drive you wherever you programme it to go.

A thought is an experience; the clearer you are with your thoughts, the better your everyday life will be. Thoughts are things!

The package of 30 sessions of 10 minutes each always focuses on the same goal.

The package is provided by either one on one sessions or via Skype.