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Vita Yours

Vita Yours

Xmas Offer

Protect Your Immune System This Christmas

Smart Phones and Tablets deplete the immune system with the emission of Electro-smog.

Simply stick the patch on all your devices.

Our Swiss Made patch allows continued use of modern technology secure in the knowledge that the damaging Electro-smog is being tricked away from your body into this protective safety phone patch.

Buy 20 UNITS MINIMUM ORDER NOW for a 30% discount and pay ONLY £12.00 (€14.50) per patch – offer valid only until 31st December 2013.

Each person reacts differently to the high frequencies which increase nonstop. From 2G, to 3G and now 4G; faster processors in modern mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s require stronger frequencies, blocking energy flow in the body leading to disease. 

Research proves how Electro- smog affects our autonomic and central nervous system, affecting hormones, chromosomes and cells. Excessive exposure to Electromagnetic pollution from mobile devices can lead to a variety of diseases.

Harmonic Resonance Frequency® (HRF) - Electro-smog is synonymous with stress, affecting the body and the psyche. HFR causes stress and disrupts the energy balance of organs & glands.

Protect yourself from the following chronic conditions: ● Migraines ● Chronic Fatigue ● Insomnia Nervousness ● Concentration Defects ● Allergies of all kinds.