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Vita Yours

Vita Yours


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Testimonial: Victim of verbal abuse

I attended one of Nicole Petschek’s workshops on EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. I am still amazed and full of gratitude that I absorbed the tools so fast and am using them regularly to release all sorts of discomforts from physical pains, to emotional and mental frustrations.

The subject of emotions and feelings for most people is a minefield of hidden dangers. But Nicole has the knack in communicating the “know how” of releasing them thanks to her empathy and her clear guidance on what to say and how to tap.

In her 3 hour workshop she clearly identified the internal map that emotions take in our body and showed us the numerous physical and mental diseases and ailments which develop due to ignored or controlled emotions.

I then learnt the spoken process as well as the physical self-tapping sequence to implement.

I was amazed how quickly I felt the definite shift and relief from my anxieties and my obsessive thinking patterns.

Nicole showed me how to break my negative and obsessive loop allowing me to reprogram myself for what I really want my life to become.

I highly recommend her workshops and her private client practice.

Lolitza Aitken (Geneva,Switzerland)