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Vita Yours

Vita Yours

Trampolines By Bellicon

Trampoline Rebounders

Trampoline Gives A Feel Good Factor

When 100 trillion or so odd cells which are normally squashed tight between crushing bones have the rare opportunity to get a “breath of fresh air!” for a split Nano second during an airborne bounce on a trampoline they become weightless.

That is why Nicole Petschek suggests to her clients to gently bounce away for 8 to 10 minutes per day while laughing out loud. Nicole goes so far as to suggest that they fake their laughter in case they can’t think of anything funny to laugh about. During that microcosm of a moment when the bones are less compacted, the cells have the unusual experience of getting an extra helping of oxygen and oxcitocin; also known as the “Love Hormone”.

The simple layman’s results are that relatively fast, an underlying mood shift occurs and the person’s demeanour evolves from heavy to light, from sad to happier. No drugs, no injections, just gentle bounces on the Diamond Standard of Vita Yours trampolines.

Each rebounder can be fitted with personalised bungees adapting to the weight of the user. That is one of the reasons that make our rebounder so special.

How does it work?

Strengthen the immune system

Positive effects on the body, mind and spirit
Due to the up and down movement whilst swinging, the content of the cells are literally shaken up.

It can be compared to a fruit juice where the sediment at the bottom of the bottle is dispersed throughout by shaking.  The immune system fights off body alien, destructive micro organisms. Every person is subject to a natural ageing process that is however completely dependent on the speed, and not the intensity, of the metabolism. The older one is, the slower the metabolic rate. He who therefore activates it through training can slow down the aging process.

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Are trampolines suitable for seniors?

Yes - Seniors benefit from the mini trampoline as their surefootedness and balance are enormously improved by this exercise.  It gives you vitality. Coordination training is important for the prevention of falling. The ability of the muscles to react increases and helps the body to adequately use its reflexes when it’s icy or when coming across hazards. This is especially beneficial to seniors.  The bellicon can also be supplied with one or two supporting grip's.

Avoid obesity
Many people are severely overweight (obese) and don’t move enough.  Often there are also digestive problems and surplus fats, not processed due to a lack of exercise. Too much fat is absorbed and afterwards not enough burnt.

Swinging up and down on the trampoline allows the intestine, which has ring muscles, to immediately start motion contractions that in turn stimulate digestion. The faster this occurs, the less chance fat has to be stored. In addition, one doesn’t get so tired. 

Our whole metabolic process in the body is activated whilst swinging on the trampoline: waste products are eliminated and immune stabilizing enzymes are absorbed. 

By swinging on the bellicon you can <<kill six birds with one stone>>:

1.      You store less fat

2.      You help your gut to stay young and elastic

3.      You avoid getting diverticulitis

4.      You save energy

5.      You become energetic and more powerful

6.      You don’t gain weight

When swinging on a trampoline the following takes place in your body.  As soon as the stationery point has been passed on the upswing, the body becomes weightless and the muscles relax. These constant gravitational changes produce enormous metabolic activity. Although subjectively this movement is not perceived as arduous, your whole body is actually exercising. as due to the reflex, hardly any cell can avoid the increase and relief of tension. 

It is easy for you to check this yourself by touching any muscle ,whilst swinging on the trampoline. Regardless of which one you choose, whether it is in the arm, stomach or neck, you will clearly feel it tensing and relaxing whilst swinging.

It doesn’t just train the muscles, it makes demands on other cell structures; cartilage and intervertebral discs which are gently massaged and supplied with nutrients due to the increase and decrease of tension.  At the same time, gentle demands are also made on organs like the pancreas, kidneys and the liver, thereby training them. 

Without exaggeration it can therefore be said that your whole organism benefits from gently swinging up and down on a highly flexible mini trampoline.