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Vita Yours

Vita Yours

Self Improvement &Development Solutions

One less problem for you to think about… You don’t have to figure out ways to prove if the energetic effect of magnetic attraction works. IT DOES!

Instead use your time productively so that you think of what you want to; Be, See, Feel, Have, etc... Live your life according to your wants on wishes and not by default according to your pre-programmed subconscious.

Coconuts fall to the ground out of trees... they always did! Even before Issac Newton coined a name for it:  ‘The Law of Gravity’.  Then the name ‘Law of Attraction’ found its way into our everyday vocabulary. That law came into being empirically. This denotes that by observation and experimentation the evidence is observable by our senses.

Just as the world benefited from gravity before Sir Isaac Newton ‘Identified’ it, the human race has always benefited and suffered as the case may be  because the methodology  was not readily available to the masses on how to operate the Law of Attraction on demand.

All humans have only lived events and situations that they attract to themselves unknowingly magnetically via their thoughts whether they are aware of it or not.

It is easy to grasp the concept of The Law of Gravity because the proof of its validity is immediately apparent. Let go... And the ‘drop’ occurs.

But with the Law of Attraction, there is SOMETIMES a longer time delay for its manifestation.  Marconi, one amongst many brilliant mental giants who thought ‘out of the box’. He was convinced that ‘thoughts’ moved through space. His thought process produced the radio as we know it now. Today it is easier for us to visualize that invisible set- up due to the cell grid that is in the air for the mobile phone providers.

Just as an emotion can not exist without a thought, that same emotion emits an invisible wave of energy which in turn automatically mutates into a form of physical reality becoming  detectable with one or more of our 5 senses. 

That is the first step of the ‘Cause and Effect’ syndrome (Noting a relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others) (Dr David as a reference on Google) Einstein realized that mass and form are the same but presented in different packaging. His equation E=MC2 proved that energy can be transformed into matter. This is the same as saying that an energy created by an emotion will also alter its materialness. 

I urge you to read up as much as you can on this fascinating subject, and see for yourself all the different approaches to activating your inner energy that exisit. This in turn will allow you to become the boss of your life. 

This website gives you the lowest common denominator for a fast track approach to the results you want. But the more you know of the fascinating myriads of paths that allow you to manifest into physical reality your dreams, hopes and goals, the more fulfilled, peaceful and in command you will be.

Conclusion: If you want to be the Genie of your life …and you can! Learn and apply the necessary tools to create the life circumstances you want. Switch from being an ‘Amateur of life’ to a ‘Pro of life’