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Sandy Leveque

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Meet Sandy Leveque

I have been facilitating clients and Access classes since December 2010, having discovered Access a year previously. As a political lobbyist and Campaigns Manager I seemed to be creating a life that fitted the targets I had set myself. I was writing and speaking in national media weekly, working alongside politicians and involved in key government policy.

I lived in a trendy part of London, had great friends and parents that lived in beautiful South of France.

However, at age 27 it all felt quite empty.

Moreover my body and overall health was gradually disintegrating.

It was like climbing a big hill only to find that the top is really boring and no easier than the climb up !  Have you ever felt like that ?If you have please know it can change, and that you can truly start to create a sense of peace and joy in your life. Creating more peace and joy opens the doors to new opportunities and change in all areas of life !

Description Of Services

Description of Treatment

Prices & Conditions

Testimonials & Video

Description Of Services

Sandy provides a bespoke service for all her clients - for further information please contact the Vita Yours Team.


Description of Treatment


Access Bars is a gentle hands-on body technique that releases stuck energy (ie. energy that has stopped moving because of our points of views, judgements, conclusions etc) and creates more relaxation in the body. At the worst you will have the sensation of having had an amazing massage, at best your whole life can change.

Many of the limitations we create in our life are energetic and having your Bars run enables you to clear these out and to open up space for new possibilities.  The Bars work on our points of view with regards to sexuality, money, creativity, healing, peace, control and ageing to name a few (there are 32 ‘Bars’ altogether).

This video contains general information about the Bars:

You can have a private Bars session and experience this amazing process for yourself, and/or learn it as a process to run on friends, clients, colleagues etc. I facilitate private Bars sessions in and around the French Rivieria and travel across France, Benelux and Europe to teach Bars classes. 

All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory ! ™


Are you one of those people that likes change and likes it to be fast ?! If so Access Bars and Coaching is a magical combination that will enable you to clear out current limitations and move towards conscious creation of the things you would actually like to create.

During a session you will receive Access Bars for 60 minutes and 30 minutes of verbal coaching and processing to hone in on key areas you are seeking to change.  Access verbal processing is a dynamic method practiced by thousands worldwide that works by bringing up the energy of stuck situations and using the Access clearing statement™ to transform this energy. 

Sessions can cover all areas, from relationships, body and health issues to money, wealth and business creation.  All coaching sessions are recorded and you can use the MP3 to continue clearing the energy.

All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory ! ™ 


What would you like to create as your life and business ?

What if your life is your business ?!

Expand what is working and change what isn’t !

Receive a 1h30 bespoke coaching session during which a birds-eye view of your life and or business/ job will be looked at and key areas for change picked out. 

Access verbal processing and a  handpicked selection of tools you can apply in daily life will enable you to become more conscious of how you are currently creating everything in your reality, and how to use this to your advantage.

All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory !™
Prices & Conditions


1 to 1 session: 65  (travel fees to be added for sessions outside of the Riviera)

Package of four sessions (weekly sessions are recommended for a minimum of 4 week to facilitate maximum change): 250

Bars class: 160 adults, free for children 0-16 years. Duration: 1 day. Fee includes comprehensive manual, Bars charts and refreshments.



 1 to 1 session (in person): 85 (travel fees to be added for sessions outside of the Riviera)


You will be given ‘home-play’ plus an MP3 recording of the session that you can listen to at home or on the move, to continue clearing the energy and expanding the change created.

Cost of 1 to 1 90 mins session (via Skype/telephone): 110

Package of 1 month of weekly sessions: 400

Ongoing coaching is also available, either on an individual basis or within a group, in the ‘Get Your Groova Back’ coaching programme.



Testimonials & Video

Within weeks of starting Access and taking Bars, Foundation and Level 1 my body had changed size – I lost 7kg despite stopping all my food regimes and exercise routines. Arthritis that had nearly put a stop to my love of movement disappeared, migraines I’d had since childhood became a thing of the past and most of all – a joy for life that I had not experienced since being very small, burst back into my life and has continued to grow since.

Access tools are brilliantly pragmatic yet very simple to use. The most important thing is that they actually work ! If YOU could change anything in your life or business right now what would it be ? What else is possible ?

I have worked with clients to create dynamic change in their bodies (even in the face of damning medical diagnoses), more ease with money flows and business, and to re-awaken a sense that change is actually possible in all areas.

Access began 25 years ago and is today practiced in over 27 countries. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.