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Astara Wright LMP

I learned about EFT from Gary Craig and received my Advanced EFT Practitioner Certificate. 

EFT shifted things so fast for me as I used it. The cool thing about it is that it’s quick, easy and free! Then combine it with muscle  testing or the pendulum which determines the core of an issue you are struggling with,  you’ve got an amazing tool.


In March 2006, I started a Meet-up group in Seattle and began hosting Meet-up events combining EFT with Energy Medicine techniques, plus teaching private EM and EFT workshops on a regular basis. At this date, I’ve had over 400 meet-ups and classes combined and close to 400 members. Having lead so many people through tapping and listening to their stories and struggles, has inspired me to create this website and offer easy to use scripts to help others clear away their pain and self-defeating beliefs.

I am occasionally asked about how I knew EFT worked and what some of my major breakthroughs have been. There was one specific moment that benchmarked my path of healing. It was Mother's Day in 2005.

I had been living with my mother and grandmother for the past 7 years and my relationship with my mother had been far from peaceful. The thought of giving my mom a card, let alone a gift gave me feelings of 

disdain. I couldn't even look at her. I felt a volcano of rage percolating inside of me. I was in my car and was thinking about not wanting to get her a card and not knowing how to get past this anger I felt towards her. 

I decided to pull over and do a round of tapping. "Even though there is no way I’m going to buy mom a card or tell her I love her, I completely love and accept myself...".


I continued tapping by verbalizing everything I was feeling. Much to my shock, a few minutes later, I found myself thinking, "I could buy her a card. I could even buy her a gift. What the heck, I could even hug her and wish her a Happy Mother's Day. Why not?" This incident got my attention and got me dedicated to my healing process. After this I basically tapped on anything and everything to clear up all that prevented me from feeling complete joy and inner peace- which I believe is our birthright no matter what background we come from. In time, I started feeling a renewed sense of self and freedom as I released the control of

pain body over my life. It is fascinating how light and joyful one can feel when one lets go of the habits of self-sabotage and limiting core beliefs that are obsolete. 


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