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Tablet Radiation Shield

EUR 19.80

Imagine you are in an office or studying in a classroom at school with 30 Tablets all connected to Wi-Fi. The equivalent of some 54G will be generated by the devices. Combined with exposure in offices, and our general surroundings this radiation exposure creates conditions in the body that will manifest in:

● Headaches, Migraines

● Chronic Fatigue

● Insomnia Nervousness

● Concentration Defects

● Allergies of all kinds.

By using your Tablet Patch you will block the frequencies emanating from the device to protect you from the radiation or HRF.

The patch will work on all devices including but not limited to the following products:

Apple iPad and iPad Mini

Google Nexus 7

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Microsoft Surface

Google Nexus 10

Kindle Fire HD

Nexus 10

Asus Transformer Prime

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